How does membership work?
We offer different types of memberships to fit the needs of our members. Which membership you decide to purchase depends mainly on how often you plan on coming to the club and how much control you want to have over how the club is run. The three basic types of memberships are FULL, LIGHT, and DISTANCE. We will address each type individually.

Full Membership

  • NO DOOR FEES! Except for a few special events, you will not need to pay anything when you come to the club.
  • Couples: $65 per month
  • Single Women: $20 per month
  • Single Men: $80 per month
  • Special events included in your membership! *
  • Just to be clear, NO DOOR FEES!

Out of Area Memberships
  • You need to live at least 100 miles from Salem. We use Google Maps to judge distance.
  • Couples pay $35 per month.
  • Single women pay $10 a month.
  • Single men pay $40 per month.

One-Night Pass Memberships
  • Pay a fee with each visit.
  • Couples $35
  • Single Women: $5
  • Single Men: $40
* Fine Print: There may be some special event nights which require an additional fee all members must pay regardless of their membership type. These are few and far between and may include things like our New Year's Eve party, for example. $5.00 discount for recurring billing of monthly memberships.
Interested? Contact us for your membership

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