Salem Adventure Club Rules

Please refer to the waiver to see updated and detailed rules.
The purpose of our club rules is to ensure that our guests enjoy a fun, comfortable, respectful experience.  Our rules are strictly and fairly enforced; please report any issues to any working club member.  Failure to comply with club rules is grounds for suspension or revocation of your club membership.  Members are responsible for their guest’s behavior.  

Top 10 Rules To Follow
  1. Ask before you touch
  2. NO means NO ~ Only ask once
  3. Do not follow people around
  4. Don't be creepy
  5. No drama please
  6. Clean up after yourself
  7. Don't come to the club overly intoxicated
  8. No cell phones or cameras!!! (see below for more details)
  9. Do NOT open closed doors
  10. What happens in a room stays in the room

Some other basic rules
  • Treat everyone with dignity and respect
  • Do not interrupt others
  • Do not have sex or masturbate outside play areas
  • No urination, defecation, or blood play (it isn't sanitary, and it is messy)
  • No smoking or vaping within 10 feet of the building
  • When smoking on the patio, put your butts in the designated fire cans
  • No recreational drugs of any kind (including poppers, marijuana and similar items)
  • No communicable diseases (not even colds!)
  • No one under the age of 21 in the building at any time (or web site)
  • Use common sense!

Cell Phone Use In The Club
  • As stated above, there is no cell phone use in the club.
  • You may use your cell phone near the front door outside the curtains
  • If you need your phone monitored, leave it with a staff member and we will monitor it.
  • Staff may only carry and use a cell phone for official use within the club.
  • Staff are not to use cell phones inside the club for games, chatting, email or other non-official purposes.
  • To chat, send e-mail, use social media, or any other non-club related activity, even staff must be outside of the curtains.
  • Members cannot switch freely from play mode to staff mode to subvert these rules.

Following these simple rules will help everyone have a great time.

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